Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just got my diploma last Saturday that held at IIUM. It was a big and exciting day. Graduation for me was like a bird that has escaped from his cage. Alhamdulillah..YAHOO!!!!! I like a bird…hehe…enjoy it very much! It was the day that I would never forget. I would never forget the goodbyes, the enjoyment, the photo session, the ups, and the downs. The whole time I was in IIC all I could say was” I can’t wait until I graduate!” I knew when this day came it was going to bring new light to my eyes like a new born baby opening his eyes for the first time.Wah gitu..hehe.. Actually it’s quite sad when it happened, it makes me remember of a memory while I was in iic. The laughter, sadness, etc. Although IIC is not big and good as public university but I enjoyed study there. In summary, convo was nice. But I didn’t take a lot of photos with my gurl friend. Coz I hardly found my friends after the session, maybe coz we were in evening session and it ended late and everyone didn’t stay long afterwards. Ros, Fazni, Aien, I don’t know where are there. So I only had pics with my boy friend..haha..jgn pikir bukan2 yaaa..frenz only yaaa….the rest are pics of me alone and with my family (abah,mama,epa, kak ila)luv u guys! and my cousin. Lupe plak nak cite, the best things are when my Betties cousin came also to my graduation day!!! There are the best!!! Lurve them!! THANX GUYS!!!!!Ohh…and also I got surprised from them! Want to know what?? I got present….cute bear……so sweet….present from bf???? huhu…I’m still single…so….:(..Waiting for next convo maybe...hehe….don‘t knows when... blablablaaaaaaa......ok...

here are some pics :)) cut n paste dr shela

smile :) curi dr shelalalaju..^_^



mmsyah said...

wahhh...dah konvo!